Board Exam Preparation Tips for ICSE Class 10 Students

Board Exam Preparation Tips for ICSE Class 10 Students

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Mathematics is a subject which requires consistent practice throughout the year. Students can score well in the exam by practicing the concepts on a daily basis. To choose a career in Engineering, Statistics, Business Administration and Economics, it is important for the students to score well in this subject. Some of the important chapters in this subject are Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Algebra, Commercial Mathematics, Trigonometry and Mensuration.  Selina Solutions for Class 10 can be used by the students to revise the concepts covered within a shorter duration of time.  The concepts discussed under each chapter are not as simple as it looks. Students require diligent practice and a quick solving of problems right before the board exam will not help them in any way. The question paper is divided into two sections where the section I has short answer questions for 40 marks and section II has long answer questions with options.

Students must have a proper schedule which covers all the concepts in the subject. This plan should be based on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the students in each concept and set their goals based on them. Students should practice the exercise wise problems and cover the entire syllabus based on the exam pattern and marks weightage specified by the ICSE board. Students are highly recommended to revise the chapters using Selina Solutions Class 10 Maths, which is a key source of study material. Solving the exercise wise problems on a regular basis mainly improves conceptual knowledge among students. It will help them answer the types of questions that would appear in the exam.

After revising all the chapters, students can collect previous year question papers and solve them. This will help them understand the marks weightage and type of problems that would appear in the exam. Students can improve their time management and problem solving skills, which are crucial aspects of preparation. During class hours and practice time, students are recommended to maintain separate notes containing a list of theories, formulae, important questions and methods of solving them. This will help students revise the chapter at one glance without any difficulty.

Exam preparation tips

  1. Each step carries marks in the ICSE board exam evaluation process. Students are advised to solve problems without missing any steps.
  2. Revise the formulas, theorems and shortcut methods on a regular basis to remember them during the board exam.
  3. Understand the applications and principle behind the general formulas, which are covered under each chapter.
  4. Try answering miscellaneous questions from the previous year question papers and sample papers to score well in the exam.

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