Getting the Most Out of Your Paracord

Getting the Most Out of Your Paracord

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Anyone who has ever picked up a survivalist guide or watched an episode of Man vs. Wild would likely be familiar with a paracord. Made of tightly woven nylon rope, this tool is an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, from campers to mountain rescuers. But aside from its use as survival gear, a paracord can also be a helpful tool for your everyday activities.

Take advantage of its structural properties in a variety of ways. From a useful tool around the house to clothing accessories like a belt or shoelaces, its versatility allows you to explore its uses. Once you realize all the other things you can do with it, you’ll be looking up where to buy a paracord.

Use it to dry clothes.

These days, most people prefer to use a clothes dryer to rid their laundry of water. But this machine isn’t always necessary, especially when you have the time and space for natural drying methods. A clothesline, for example, is a good alternative. Aside from being effective, it won’t cost you any energy to power. A paracord can easily be used for a clothesline. With its high tensile strength, you can easily hang heavy clothing, like denim and coats, without worrying about it falling.

Use it on hand tools.

Anyone who has joined the DIY movement knows that hand tools can get slippery, especially if you have sweaty palms. This can cause accidents that lead to minor and significant injuries. A paracord is an effective solution to this problem. Although typically known for its strength and durability, this rope has a unique texture that has natural grip attributes. Weaving this material around hand tools, like hammers and handsaws, improves your grip and torque.

Use it in transporting goods.

One of the last things you want to happen is for the large items you’re transporting to fall out of your vehicle and onto the road. But this scenario is prone to happen, especially when you aren’t using the right tools. A paracord acts as a suitable binder for these types of situations. You can use the material to secure different items to the trunk or roof of your vehicle. Additionally, you can use a paracord to tie a tarp over these items.

Use it as a leash.

Although there are several types of leashes available in pet stores, many of these are only suitable for certain dog breeds. Larger dogs, like Rottweilers and Siberian Huskies, can easily snap the leashes you find in pet stores. It’s because most of these don’t have the strength or durability to match with larger dogs. A paracord gives you the necessary strength, durability, and grip to walk these types of dogs. It’s only a matter of choosing a suitable length and attaching it to the dog’s collar.

There are several more ways to use your paracord. Although made originally for military use, this durable tool is versatile enough for civilian use. It’s merely a matter of learning more about this tool and figuring out where you can use it.

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