Honda CBR500R- Top 5 Things to Know

Honda CBR500R- Top 5 Things to Know

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This would be a dream bike for any one and bears the ability to travel more than 58 miles on a gallon of fuel. The maintenance is greatly reduced being incredibly user friendly package which weighs just 421 lbs. this would let you feel sitting on a semi racy crouch bearing comfortable aerodynamic swagger. The following will encourage the rider to ride and stay sporty.

5 top things about the Honda CBR500R

Bears an aggressive design

The bike is super spot styling providing sharp look along with aerodynamic lines. This slices cleanly through the air while helping to shield the rider from any worst condition. The riding position places the rider to comfortable zone with dynamic seating stances that is ideal for mastering curves without overly cramped. This is done at the time to commute across town or out on a weekend journey. The design is a complete and constant refinement which has resulted into a modern motorcycle with near perfect chassis geometry and balances the ride. This is perfectly stable being light in weight to hang with larger motorcycles even on curvy roads. This is completely stable bearing light weight steering and is agile.

The height of the seat is 785mm along the bike’s narrow waistline. Due to that the rider don’t need to have a good height for feeling comfortable while riding, and can easily take control. This is ergonomically correct to passenger seat which means that you can take a back ride as well. The wheels are made with light weight cast aluminum wheels, packing 120/70-17 front and 160/60-17 rear radial tires. The front is 320mm and 240mm rear brake rotor which complete the high performance package as complement of higher performance look. This is equipped with optional ABS and the brakes provide with plenty of safe braking power under wide range of conditions.

Enhanced airflow

Right from the leading edge of the aggressive nose fairing to the tip of its aero-sculpted tail, it’s the CBR designed for great ride. The bikes profile is designed to allow rider and machine to cleave as cleanly through the atmosphere as possible. The opening at the bottom of the windscreen relieves the low pressure area inside the cockpit reducing turbulence as well as creates larger still air pockets for the rider’s torso. The widest part of the front fairing would push the airflow around the sides of the riders hand and the lower section directs the air around the legs.

Optimum power

Bears parallel twins to the marvel of modern engineering that is slightly different with its direction. This stresses high efficiency as well as high performance. The engine provides with exhilarating performance for just about anyone who is not at all a professional racer or astronaut. Bears twin tuning that provides solid torque in the low and mid rpm that ranges where most of the riders spend maximum of their time.

LED Head and tail lights

Bears high efficiency, bright LED head and tail lights which consumes less juice and lasts for longer time. Other than that, it includes adjustable front brake lever, hinged fuel cap and a level of paint quality with overall fit and finish. Bears scissors type primary drive gear.

New exhaust design for crisper and sportier sound

The following is graced with angular body work and that too bigger of 4.4gallon fuel tank. Other than that it has a revised stainless steel exhaust system that provides the bike a throatier growl and menacing presence.

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