How to use Website Tracking to Boost sales

How to use Website Tracking to Boost sales

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Website tracking and conversion data are some of the requisites for a successful internet marketing campaign. The data is vital and helps you have an in-depth understanding of how your marketing strategies perform. What’s more? Website tracking can help you improve your marketing efforts to boost sales and increase profitability.

Why track your website?

Internet marketing involves various aspects; these include paying for ads to promote products and services. You don’t want to invest in a strategy that you aren’t sure of the results. However, using marketing software to track your website comes with numerous perks. It puts you in a better position to ascertain whether you’re making the right decisions.

It also allows you to make the necessary changes for better results. What’s more? Tracking enables you to have an idea of the ratio of clicks, opt-ins versus the sales made. Besides, you could be having so many clicks but no sales to show for it.

Here’s how to use tracking to generate more sales:

  1. Identify traffic sources

The first thing you need to track your business website is to install Google analytics of the site. By so doing, you’ll be able to see the amount of traffic coming from social media platforms such as Facebook.

In most cases, the traffic from your Facebook page is quality. Besides, you expect visitors from your Facebook page to understand what your business does. So, assuming that the visitors seek additional information and not your business is a good guess.

  1. Optimize landing pages

You want to ascertain whether your page is converting traffic from your Facebook Page into leads. To do this, you should install Crazy Egg on your business site. What is this all about? Crazy Egg is a heat map technology that enables business owners to check how clients digest content once they visit a business website. Some of the information that you’ll get by installing this technology is;

  • The buttons that visitors click
  • How far clients scroll down the webpages
  • The bet location for key items, such as fields and banner ads.

For startups and small businesses, the quality of traffic matters more than the traffic volume. In cases were all site visitors count, heat map technology becomes a priceless tool. You can use the insights to optimize web pages to engage visitors more and generate more leads.

  1. Lead identification

At this point, you’re already converting visitors to leads, and it’s time to start automation. Once a client fills the form, their names, email address and social media page re pulled to your subscriber list, and you already know them by name. Once such clients are added to your database, the website tracing monitors all the pages visited on your website. And this helps you to understand consumer behavior better.

A quick wrap up

Nowadays, you can use website tracking and many other tools to understand customer behavior, the webpages visited, the products they seek and what they do once on the business site. This way, it becomes easier to tailor marketing strategies and products to meet client requirements.

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