Preparing the Office for the Big Move

Preparing the Office for the Big Move

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If you are moving your business to a new location, then you would indeed require the services of packers and movers in Toronto. But if you want the whole exercise of moving to pass without a glitch, then you must be efficient and organized throughout the moving process. If you have decided that it is the best time to move your business, then you must know how to classify and organize your furniture and pack the boxes with appropriate labels. It would help if you had a sound strategy in place.

When it comes to moving offices, you must plan and start early. First, develop an office moving checklist, spend some time on space planning in the new office, and identify the major areas which need your special attention. These would include the breakdown of the present office, vacating the office space, and, most importantly, transporting the goods and getting all settled into the new office. So determine the major tasks for each phase and then make a note of it so that you do not miss out on anything.

The next step is to determine a timeframe. For example, you may decide that furniture and other business assets will get moved on one day and the other equipment on some other day. Many will not believe it, but experts say it requires a minimum of 9 months of planning for moving an office, but, of course, the actual time frame will depend upon the size of your business or office. It would be best if you also got involved in a little bit of budgeting, like considering the cost of cleaning and restoring the vacated space and also get a budget for the new building lease, legal expenses, network infrastructure, etc.

When you are fully prepared for the final move, get all your staff and coach them properly about the impending changes. It will be a good idea to appoint a leader in each department so that all departments can settle in the new office smoothly without any hiccups. Once everything is in place, you can ask your staff to call up the different office moving companies in Toronto and enquire about their rates. You can even speak to the company representatives directly to work out a lucrative deal. You will be surprised to know that different office movers in Toronto will give you different rates for the same job. So you must consider each proposal before making a final decision. Office moving is no less stressful than residential moving, so it is still a good idea to choose the best movers so that everything takes place without any glitches, and your new office is set up smoothly.


If you are really in doubt about choosing the best moving company, we suggest that you go for Let’s Get Moving, a highly rated office moving company. They can effectively minimize your lost productivity, money, and time by getting your new office fully functional in a quick time. If you still have any questions or doubts, you can always speak to the executives directly and have all your queries cleared.

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