Why Silicone Bands are Replacing Traditional Wedding Rings

Why Silicone Bands are Replacing Traditional Wedding Rings

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Traditional wedding rings are known for their beauty, elegance and invaluable symbolism. In today’s society, however, many couples are opting for a more modernized take on tradition. There are countless wedding band alternatives on the market today, but one choice stands above the rest: the versatile silicone ring is gaining widespread popularity – and for all the right reasons!

Perfect for Any Lifestyle

Thanks to their stretchy and flexible nature, silicone rings can perfectly conform to the shape of your finger, no matter how large or small. Though most silicone bands still follow traditional ring sizings, they provide ample breathing room and won’t squeeze too tightly or slide off while being worn. If your weight happens to fluctuate, your silicone ring can stretch or tighten to accommodate your body. Many of these bands have breathable designs, so they won’t make you sweat or tarnish on your skin. They’re ideal for most workplaces – even those where metal jewelry might not be acceptable!

Great for Your Budget

Traditional bands can cost up to several thousands of dollars, even without a stone! While beautiful, precious metals and gemstones can be very expensive, and the cheaper alternatives (such as cubic zirconia) aren’t as attractive or durable as the real thing. Silicone bands can be found for less than $50 online or in most stores, and in a variety of colors and patterns to boot. Since they’re not made of metal, they don’t require expensive cleanings or resizing, and you’ll never have to worry about replacing a lost stone.

Ideal for Travel

Comfortable and convenient, silicone rings are great for anyone on the go. They can be kept on when passing through metal detectors, which reduces your risk of losing them while traveling. Since silicone isn’t as expensive as metal or gems, they aren’t as likely to be stolen either. They’re the perfect choice for those serving in any branch of the military; waterproof, non-conductive and unable to rust, this type of ring adheres to military regulations and is an optimal alternative to a traditional ring.

It’s no secret that times are changing. Old school wedding rings are timeless and stunning, but they may not always be the best choice for your budget or lifestyle. Silicone bands make a great alternative without sacrificing the appeal or symbolism of their traditional counterparts. Best of all, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. No matter you or your partner’s taste, the perfect silicone ring is out there waiting for you!

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